Solitaire Cats vs Zombies


Play tripeaks solitaire, solve card puzzles and clash funny zombies in battles.

Get ready for a thrilling solitaire! In “Solitaire Cats vs Zombies” game your mission is to disintegrate funny zombies by solving card puzzles and using the unique skills of four adorable and battle-ready cats. Strategize and combine their incredible abilities, including time freeze, fireballs, the powerful green card energy and more, to kick, punch and hook on the funny undead.

Immerse yourself in addictive solitaire as you conquer challenging card puzzles and witness the hilarious interactions between the courageous feline heroes and the mischievous zombies. Play, collect cards, build your deck, and master the art of tripeaks solitaire to overcome every undead obstacle in your path.

Highlights of Solitaire Cats vs Zombies battle card game:

  • Play, Upgrade & Destroy Zobmies. Don’t forget to collect your reward for every zombie you disintegrated!
  • Original Gameplay: Solitaire Cats vs Zombies develop the gameplay of classic tripeaks solitaire and card battle clash, which brings you exciting new experience!
  • Do more damage with long combo chains!
  • Free solitaire in your hands: You can download Solitaire Cats vs Zombies for free and play offline without wifi. Enjoy solitaire anytime anywhere!

With its engaging blend of card battles games and classic patience games, “Solitaire Cats vs Zombies” offers a one-of-a-kind gaming experience. Challenge your skills, save the world from the zombie apocalypse, and embark on an epic journey alongside these adorable yet fierce feline warriors.

Download “Solitaire Cats vs Zombies” now and join the battle against the pretty zombies. Prepare to be captivated by the thrilling gameplay, charming visuals, and endless fun that awaits you. It’s time to unleash the power of solitaire and let the cats reign supreme in this exhilarating card battle!